The options available are 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 clock cycles. Performs arc sine function of a single input. Geekbench 3 – 32 Bit Multi-Core Score. Asserted when an invalid division occurs, such as infinity dividing infinity or zero dividing zero. There are only minor differences between the architectures for real and complex matrices.

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Dynamically configurable adder and subtracter functions. Super Pi mod 1. For the complex matrix, both the input and processing memory blocks contain complex values.

The load signal asserts and remains high for 80 clock cycles. The manufacturer only reworked the Speed Shift technology for faster dynamic adjustments of voltages and clocks, and the improved 14nm process allows much higher frequencies combined with better efficiency than before.

Asserted when the result[] port is zero. It is not equivalent to In 0, but instead approximates to it. This parameter is disabled by default. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air If this parameter is not specified, intep default is 8. The size of this port corresponds to the size of the input data[] port. Performs the function of e a where a is the input.


This together with the target device family will determine the amount of pipelining in the core. Overflow exception output carried from the input. As the matrix is square, this is also the number of columns in the matrix.

Converts between IEEE standard floating-point representations. You can customize the IP cores by configuring various parameters to accommodate your needs. When asserted, the last output has been written.

During processing, two rows from the processing matrix are loaded. Performs the function of log e a where a is the input. Asserted when the result of the conversion, after rounding, is fractional.

The outcome of exponential operations on negative numbers of very large magnitudes approaches zero. As there are memory blocks already available for the storage of the input matrices in the Cholesky decomposition function, the memory blocks in the matrix multiplier are redundant and can be removed.

This jntel is active high. Compares and returns true if input a is less than input b.



When you select a mode, the options for latency are fixed for that mode. When deasserted, no operation will take place and the outputs are unchanged. This file complements the. In the single-extended precision format, the input bus range is from 43 to This port is optional.

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You should consider increasing MSBA. The following MatLab pseudo code shows how the inversion is carried out: The reset signal deasserts. Asserted if the value of the dataa[] port is greater than or equal to the value of the ibtel port. Run the design example files in the ModelSim-Altera software to see the complete simulation waveforms. Support for single-precision floating point format.